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Offshore Asset Protection

Because of excessive litigation in the US and elsewhere Offshore Asset Protection is definitely an option to explore. Businessmen entrepreneurs and professionals in an environment of predatory litigation are forced to look for ways and means where they can protect savings, investments and accumulated assets. Offshore Asset Protection offers this kind of protection.

The Need: In the US the legal system favors the plaintiff and places the defendant statistically at a disadvantage. This only serves to encourage the predatory litigation and a business owner or professional can expect to sued multiple times over his life time.

Don't Wait: Should the resulting judgment be unfavorable the defendant stands to lose all the assets built over many years of investment. Getting ones assets outside the jurisdiction of the US court system appears to be one remedy. However once a claim has been filed the legal system will not allow any assets to be moved for offshore protection. In fact, it will be determined to be "fraudulent conveyance" and all your assets will be retracted. The time for offshore asset protection implementation is now not later.

The Climate Changes: However the Offshore Asset Protection climate always changes. Countries that used to be private tax free havens under threat of sanctions have agreed to enter into treaties with the US and other industrial nations to allow the pursuit and investigation of tax fraud. Furthermore the courts have taken a less favorable viewpoint of offshore trusts as determined by some high profile court cases in 2000.

With 911 the offshore environment has even become more disfavorable, under the threat of terrorism everyone has come under intense scrutiny. That is not to say offshore asset protection does not have a place, it does. There are many international offshore corporations operating in this country and they will always continue to do so. But everything has to be done procedurally correct and with full disclosure.

No Privacy- Act Accordingly: In this day of electronic banking and extensive global money tracking, privacy doesn't exist anymore. You want to get solid information and advice to make sure you can take full advantage of offshore laws and don't put yourself in a worst position if the offshore privacy you thought you would have doesn't end up as it appears to be. Act accordingly by doing your thorough research as to getting proper offshore asset protection in favorable jurisdictions.

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