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Move your Wealth to the Next Generation Without Loss By Proper Estate Planning and Estate Planning Strategies.

The Need for Estate Planning: When Elvis Presley died it was obvious that there was no Estate Planning in place. His estate was worth over 10 million dollars when he died, after probate all that was left for the family was a little over 2 million dollars.

The probate process can be lengthy taking many years to complete and be quite disruptive as it is designed to be divisive. In the process some things like a family business can be destroyed as family members jockey themselves into ensuring they get what is rightfully theirs. You can imagine what the situation would be in your own family if things were not clear cut. The tax cut in it self can be quite severe. The Wrigley family of chewing gum fame had to sell off “Wrigley Field” just to pay off the probate taxes.

One thing is clear, lack of proper preparation and not taking responsibility through ignorance will cause severe financial loss.

Through proper Estate Planning education and connecting to Estate Planning attorneys you will prevent loss of assets, family squabbles and division caused by the probate process. Estate Planning is important to leave your family assets intact.

Have the satisfaction of knowing that proper elderly Estate Planning will take care of your family and if applicable ensure that your business or family business continues. Protection of assets and preparing a proper estate plan will give you the peace of mind knowing that there has been a proper transfer of wealth and assets without excessive loss through probate or taxation.

Estate Planning strategies are available online.

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