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Bullet Proof Asset Protection Gives You Peace of Mind.

Protect the Need of Your Family for Generations

When one thinks of bullet proof asset protection, what comes to mind? Peace of mind ranks right up there with the best of them. For its peace of mind that is ultimately what we all want. Now that we acquired something that is worth protecting the question is how can we ensure that we get to keep it.

Problem #1- Predatory Lawsuits:
This is the primary reason people need bullet proof asset protection. In the USA a new lawsuit is filed on average every thirty seconds. In otherwords in the the short period of time that you are reading this many people lives will be affected adversely forever. One of four people will be sued in the United Sates. Not only that but the average person will be sued 5 times in their lifetime. And one of these lawsuits will be determined to be a "devasting lawsuit". Do you wish to be one of these statistics. I think not.

The reason a lot of frivolous lawsuits are started is the knowledge that it is quite likely that the other party would prefer to settle out of court rather than go through a lengthy and disruptive court proceedings. Establishing a bulletproof asset protection strategy is one way to protect your family's wealth.

Problem #2- Probate:
Another good reason for bullet proof asset protection is to ensure wealth will be transferred from one generation to anothe smoothly without excessive loss due to probate and taxation. Not only is probate a lengthy process – it encourages family infighting - it can severely erode your families assets. The Wrigley Family of Chewing gum fame got hurt really bad through Probate and ended up selling their beloved Wrigley field just to cover their costs.

Part of the problem is we are used to dealing with accountants and lawyers on a regular basis as we have to file taxes every year but what makes sense from a tax point of view will not necessarily protect your assets. The Wrigleys lost their baseman diamond because no asset protection planning was taken to implement asset protection strategies.

The Solution Asset Protection and Wealth Management:
Why leave yourself, your family and.or your business at such a risk as to put no bullet proof asset protection strategies in place.. Consider the option of wealth management and its many advantages not only in regard to bulletproof asset protection but also in regard to freedom of movement, privacy and wealth accumulation without excessive taxation.’

If you have a family business and or wealth that you have built through your lifetime, you can easily avoid wealth lost through due to lack of proper estate planning. Your best bulletproof asset protection is asset protection planning - putting various asset protection strategies in place along with getting proper estate planning information.

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